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Highly-motivated, committed, dependable and detail-oriented professional with strong analytical and communication skills and over fifteen years experience in application development seeking a challenging position designing and implementing web-based or smartphone solutions.




Years Experience

Last Used


Years Experience

Last Used

ASP.Net with C#



SQL Server 2008



ASP.Net with VB



SQL Server 2005






SQL Server 2000









Java (Android)












Visual Basic 6



Oracle 7.2






















Independent Consulting   Plano, TX   (February, 2007 - present)

Web Developer/Software Engineer

·        Using the MVC pattern, created a website for the Highland Park ISD which allows the user to import registration data, modify individual students’ information, and generate the output files used to print yearly student directories.

·        Using ASP.NET with VB, AJAX and SQL Server 2008, created a new version of the customer-facing portion of an information solution provider’s website which allowed for multi-factor authentication, IP address range verification using IP designations, and automatic timeouts customizable for each user.

·        Using ASP.NET with C#, created a WCF service for an information solution provider which called the same functions as their main website and was to be consumed by a smartphone application.

·        Using ASP.NET with C# and SQL Server 2008, created an ordering and shipping website for a medication used in glaucoma surgery and distributed through a specialty pharmacy.

·        Using ASP.Net with C# and SQL Server 2008, created a forum where users could post comments and reply to existing posts and a comprehensive survey for a divorce support website for women. Also created an administrative site which allowed the site owner to moderate the forum posts and drill down to detailed statistics calculated from the survey.

·        Created an ASP.Net with Visual Basic intranet site for Nike Golf, which enabled users to log results of testing golf club models, using information contained in an Access database to create dynamic web controls.

·        Using ASP.Net with Visual Basic and SQL Server 2000, created a Windows service to poll multiple Exchange calendars for Republic Title offices, presenting the current day’s closing appointments on customer-facing big-screen lobby TVs.

·        Using ASP.Net with Visual Basic and SQL Server 2005, created a content management system for a funeral home, allowing employees to create obituaries to be displayed on public web site

·        Made enhancements to a website written in ASP.NET with C# and a desktop application written in C# which connected lawyers, insurance companies and medical providers. The website and desktop application used LINQ to retrieve and update information in a SQL Server 2005 database.

·        Using ASP.Net with C# and SQL Server 2000, enhanced a web-based product which captured visits to promotional web sites by geographic region to the database by enabling the site to pass this information as parameters to Flash pages. This allowed the user to drill down to tailored statistics presented in a visually sophisticated manner.

·        Using ASP.Net with Visual Basic and SQL Server 2005, created an estimated closing cost web site and admin web site to update tax information for Republic Title, allowing users to create closing cost estimates for their clients and share this information via PDF documents stored not as files, but as image fields in the database

·        As part of a web-based email marketing program, used ASP.Net with Visual Basic and SQL Server 2000 to create and invoke an asynchronous web service to send email to a distribution list

Voyager Expanded Learning   Farmers Branch, TX   (February, 2006 – February, 2007)

Web Developer/Software Engineer

·        Created multiple Intranet sites using ASP.NET with Visual Basic which allowed users to perform accounting and inventory functions without the constraints imposed by the vendor-maintained ERP system. These sites restricted access based on NT security without the user having to log in.

·        Customized the SalesLogix CRM system using Visual Basic, JavaScript and HTML and vendor-provided tools.

·        Created web parts in ASP.NET to display sales information on a SharePoint dashboard.

Vivid Software   Frisco, TX   (August, 2005 – February, 2006)

Web Developer/Software Engineer

·        Used ASP.Net with Visual Basic and SQL Server 2005 stored procedures to develop a customizable web-based email marketing system which allowed the customer to import and maintain contacts, create campaigns, upload design templates, and create messages based on those templates to send to the campaigns. Using this system, sending personalized emails to thousands of contacts was as easy as logging in and clicking a button.

·        Used ASP.Net with Visual Basic and SQL Server 2000 stored procedures to create an in-house web-based project tracking system.

·        Converted screens from a medical billing desktop application written in Visual Basic 6 to a web-based system using ASP.Net with Visual Basic 2005.

Lewis Computer Services   Allen, TX   (December, 2002 – July, 2005)

Web Developer/Software Engineer

·        Used ASP, JavaScript and Visual Basic to entirely redesign the report distribution web site, improving usability and security.

·        Designed and implemented an assessment auditing application using Visual Basic and SQL Server 2000.

·        Used ASP, SQL Server 2000 and Visual Basic to implement an efficient system to display tailored customer messages on the report distribution web site.

·       Modified the Visual Basic Scheduler program to prioritize claims download jobs and calculate completion percentage statistics.

·        Used Visual Basic and SQL Server 2000 to display reason code description mouseovers in Receivables Master reports.

·        Created multiple in-house tools using Visual Basic and documented all procedures necessary to keep the Receivables Master system running.

WebShop   Plano, TX   (January, 2001 - November, 2002)

Web Developer

·       Used ASP, PHP, PERL, JavaScript, HTML, Access, mySQL, and Interbase to develop customized database-enabled web sites and secure Content Management System (CMS) user interfaces.

·        Used PERL and Interbase to add customized MLS searches to realtors’ web sites.

·       Used ASP, PERL, Access and Interbase to create E-commerce web sites allowing customers to sell products online.

·      Delivered Web technology presentations to service organizations and the Plano Chamber of Commerce.

Train USA   Richardson, Las Colinas and Dallas, TX   (September, 1999 – March, 2000)

Software Instructor

·       Taught courses in Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Foundations, HTML Programming, Microsoft Access 2000, Microsoft FrontPage 2000, Microsoft Project 98, Microsoft Excel 2000, Microsoft Word 2000, Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 and Microsoft Outlook 98.


After nine years at EDS, I decided to take some personal time.  I combined a sabbatical with career counseling to ensure that the next phase of my career would be as productive and enjoyable as the phase just concluded.


EDS Electronic Banking Services  Plano, TX  (February, 1998 – December, 1998)

Systems Engineer

·       Used C, PL/SQL with Oracle, HTML and JavaScript to enhance the home banking/bill payment Internet client to support funds transfer.

·        Used XML to create the prototype for a web-based bill presentment system.


EDS Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS)  Plano, TX  (May, 1996 - February, 1998)

Systems Engineer

·        Used Powerbuilder and Oracle to create windows client objects to support the transfer of servicing and mortgage assumptions functions of the MERS three-tier client/server system.

·      Used Powerbuilder and Oracle to create corresponding transfer of servicing and mortgage assumptions server objects to retrieve and edit data and send it back to the database.

·         Used Powerbuilder to create a server object to process customer X12 batch files.



Saint Olaf College, Northfield, MN
Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude, Psychology

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Master of Science in Education

Electronic Data Systems, Plano, TX
Systems Engineer Development Program

Train USA, Dallas, TX
Certified Internet Webmaster


·         Toastmasters International
Earned Competent Toastmaster (CTM) level of distinction

·         Professional drummer

·         Weight training

·         Cycling

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